The Purina Top Coverdog of the Year Award Award

and it's

Companion Derby Award

in honor of

William Harnden Foster

Awarded Annually to the Top Dog in Grouse and Woodcock Trials

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Video Clips

We are using what Video clips that we have to show people a little bit of the dogs. Some clips are admittedly better than others due to the circumstances of getting the video and the locations the video was shot. Under no circumstances are we trying to show a preference for any one dog over another.

You may have a Warning pop up asking you to allow "Active X" Controls to run

Clicking on the video box provided will take you to a YouTube video of the dog in action.



Long Gone Daisy on a Woodcock 

                                 John Stolgitis and Beaver Meadow Benjamin on Woodcock

Jerry Kolter and Blue Streak on breakaway and on a point

Pennstar pointing a Woodcock

Long Gone George

Red the Puppy  

Puppy's and Birds at Hughesview kennel

PA Grouse in April  

Woodcock work

Lilly Hills Secret Stash and Full Tilt Hunting