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Pennsylvania Grouse Dog Club Trial

All Age Draw

The all-age will begin Friday, April 8, at 7:30 on course #1 at Loleta. We will run courses no. 1-4 at Loleta and 1-4 at Lamonaville on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday only courses at Lamonaville will be used. We will start each day on course no. 1 at Lamonaville and plan to run 8 braces on Saturday.

Judges: Rob Frame and Mike Spotts

Lunches will be available Friday and Saturday on the grounds.
1 Jade EPF Forman
1 Sutter's Grouse Wing Rowdy ESM Sutter/Hughes

2 Hunter ESM Forman
2 Lilly Hills Secret Stash ESM Hughes

3 Billie ESF (IS) Forman
3 Hard Driving Lucy EPF McCarl

4 Grouse River Ace EPM Forman
4 Long Gone Boston ESM Hughes

5 Grumpy ESM Forman
5 Thunderhills Ghost Rider EPM Hughes

6 Rayden ESM Forman
6 Thunderhills Zeus EPM Hughes

7 Pal O'Mine EPF (IS) McCarl
7 Cherry ESF (IS) Forman

8 Sutter's Harley Blue ESM Sutter/Hughes
8 Titan ESM Forman

9 Callie ESF Brenneman/Hughes
9 Princess ESF Blakley

10 Wintergreen Cody ESM Fancher
10 Beau ESM Bressler

11 L B Horchen ESM Forman
11 Texas Red Hot ESF Klein

12 Hummer ESM Forman
12 Wintergreen Max ESM Fancher

13 Buster ESM Forman
13 Wycoff Run Freestone ESM Bogle

14 Mains One Dot EPF (IS) Mains
14 Sadie ESF (IS) Forman

15 Jazz ESF Bressler
15 Montera's Rock ESM McCarl

16 Elhew Allegant EPM Hughes
16 Katie EPF Stiteler

17 Henry ESM M. Hughes
17 Charlie ESM Forman

18 Katy ESF (IS) Forman
18 Dolly ESF Bressler

19 Spot ESM M. Groy

National Grouse Derby Classic Draw

The National Grouse Derby Classic will be run on courses 1-4 at Loleta. It will begin Saturday, April 9, at 7:30 a.m. on course no. 1 at Loleta. Each morning we will begin on course no. 1 and plan to run 8 braces on Saturday.

Judges: Marty Zukovich and Eric Locher

Lunches will be available on Saturday on the grounds.

1 Miner ESF Forman
1 Dew Sweeper EPM Struab/Hughes

2 Indian Creek Hudson EPM Knehr
2 Sarge ESF Hughes

3 Stony Fork Roy ESM Shields
3 Cracker ESF Brenneman

4 Ben ESM Bressler
4 Force ESM Hughes

5 Kate ESF (IS) Hughes
5 Long Gone Brie ESF (IS) Rhode

6 Wintergreen Foster ESM Fancher
6 Diamond ESM Forman

7 Covey EPF Hughes
7 Bell EPF Forman

8 Laverne ESF Hughes
8 Dixie EPF Forman

9 Paddy ESF Holliday
9 Connie ESF (IS) Hughes

10 Ax ESM G. Stoker
10 Ace ESM Chiappini/Forman

11 Indian Creek Buckaroo EPM Kenhr
11 Duke ESM Forman

12 Spitfire ESF Spotts
12 Buck EPM Forman


The PA Puppy Stake will begin on Saturday, April 9, at 9:00 a.m. on the puppy course on Lamonaville Road.

Judges: Tim Perschke and Dave Blakely

Lunch will be available at the all-age on Lamonaville Road.

1 Bog Brook Edgar ESM Lahoda
1 Asta ESF Forman

2 Darby ESF Gingher
2 Jake EPM Forman

3 Holly ESF M. Stoker
3 Jake EPM Stiteler

4 Billy ESM Forman
4 Queen ESF Grassi

5 Texas Black Pepper ESM Klein
5 Chassidy EPF Forman

6 Cindy ESF Forman
6 Swank's Cello ESF Swank

7 Stony Fork Silk ESF Shields
7 Howie ESM Gingher

8 Kara EPF G. Stoker
8 Gracie ESF Gingher

9 Riley ESM Specht
9 Heart ESF Grassi