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Ontario Grouse Championship

Courses for the upcoming championship are: Lolita courses 1 through 3 and Lamonaville courses 1 through 4.

As previously posted we will start on Lolita course 1 each day at 8:00 AM

The first brace will break away on Loleta course #1 at 8:00 A.M. each day.
Seven (7) braces will be run each day.

The Winners

Winner -
Chasehill Molly - EPF - Stolgitis Owner - John Stolgitis
RU - High Desert Dream - EPF/IS - Foreman - Owner - Gus Piperis

The Running

1A Full Tilt ESF Hughes
1B Pine Straw Katydid ESF/IS Foreman

2A Quail Trap Max ESM Chaffee
2B Upper Cove Desert Devil ESM Foreman

3A Autumn’s Hot Cocoa EPF/IS Chaffee
3B Bloom’s Ol’ Dollar ESF Bressler

4A Hard Drivin’ Lucy EPF McCarl
4B Texas Coppertop ESF/IS Klein/Hughes

5A Texas O’Reilly ESM Klein/Hughes
5B LB Horchen ESM Foreman

6A Chip’s Apple Pie ESM S. Groy
6B Bodacious Hunter ESM Bressler

7A The Sequel EPF Hughes
7B Pal o’ Mine EPF/IS McCarl

8A Rivers Edge Sadie ESF/IS Foreman
8B Sutter’s Grouse Wing Rowdy ESF Hughes

9A Thunderhill’s Ghost Rider EPM Hughes
9B Moss Meadow Traveller ESM Chaffee

10A Long Gone Boston ESM Hughes
10B Dunrovin’s Grouse-getter ESM Foreman

11A Montaros Rock ESM McCarl
11B Grouse River Ace EPM Foreman

12A L.B. Zack ESM Tufts
12B Chip’s Charlie Brown ESM Foreman

13A Pleasant Valley Katy EPF Steitler
13B Texas Cherry Bomb ESF/IS Foreman

14A Sutter’s Harley Blue ESM Hughes
14B Autumn Moon EPM Chaffee

15A Texas Red Hot ESF Klein/Hughes
15B Upper Cove Billie-babe ESF/IS Foreman

16A Wycoff Run Freestone ESM Bogel
16B Kendal Hills Sally ESF Tufts

17A Steel City Rudy ESM Molnar
17B Grouse Ridge Lucky ESM Hughes

18A Chasehill Molly EPF Stolgitis
18B High Desert Dream EPF/IS Foreman

19A Beach Hill Roxy ESF Locher
19B Maddy –May Lady ESF Bressler

20A Chip’s Uncle Buzzy ESM Foreman
20B JumpStart ESF Spotts

21A LakeCountry Raden ESM Foreman
21B Bold Move ESM Brenneman/Hughes

22A Chasehill Little Bud EPM Stolgits
22B Mains Sunshine Hunter EPM Mains

23A Starr’s Southern Idol ESM Foreman
23B My Cousin Vinny EPM Hughes

24A Texas Honey Bee ESF Klein/Hughes
24B Mains One Dot EPF/IS Mains

25A Elhew Allegiant EPM Hughes
25B Chasehill Ben Franklin EPM Stolgitis

26A Keystone Red rider ESF Peters
26B Fire Away ESM Hughes

27A Curahee EPM Stolgitis
27B Thunderhill’s Zeus EPM Hughes

28A Lillyhill’s Secret Stash ESM Hughes
28B Keystone Red Rage ESM Peters

The Running

Day 1        Day 1 weather started out cool, but started to snow for the last brace.

1A Full Tilt                                                Finished - 1 Grouse
1B Pine Straw Katydid                                 Finished - 1 Grouse

2A Quail Trap Max                                      Finished - 1 Grouse
2B Upper Cove Desert Devil                         Finished - No Birds

3A Autumn’s Hot Cocoa                               Finished - No Birds       
3B Bloom’s Ol’ Dollar                                  Up by Handler @ 40  

4A Hard Drivin’ Lucy                                    Finished - 1 Grouse
4B Texas Coppertop                                    Finished - No Birds 

5A Texas O’Reilly                                        Finished - No Birds
5B LB Horchen                                            Finished - 1 Grouse

6A Chip’s Apple Pie                                     Up @ 40 - Failed to Back
6B Bodacious Hunter                                   Finished - No Birds

7A The Sequel                                            Finished - 1 Grouse
7B Pal o’ Mine                                            Finished - No Birds 

Day 2          Day 2 weather was cool, with about 3 inches of snow on the ground.

8A Rivers Edge Sadie                                  Finished - 1 Grouse
8B Sutter’s Grouse Wing Rowdy                    Lost to Judgement @ 20

9A Thunderhill’s Ghost Rider                        Finished - 1 Grouse & 1 Woodcock
9B Moss Meadow Traveller                           Finished - 1 Grouse  

10A Long Gone Boston                                Finished - No Birds
10B Dunrovin’s Grouse-getter                       Lost to Judgement @ 30

11A Montaros Rock                                     Up by Handler @ 40
11B Grouse River Ace                                  Up by Handler @ 40

12A L.B. Zack                                            Finished - 1 Grouse
12B Chip’s Charlie Brown                             Lost to Judgement @ 20   

13A Pleasant Valley Katy                            Finished - 1 Grouse
13B Texas Cherry Bomb                              Up by Handler @ 40

14A Sutter’s Harley Blue                             Finished - 1 Grouse
14B Autumn Moon                                      Finished - No Birds

Day 3
 We have an incomplete report for the last couple Braces with only reports on dogs with Birds, will get complete information with tomorrows report.

15A Texas Red Hot                                     Finished - No Birds
15B Upper Cove Billie-babe                          Finished - No Birds

16A Wycoff Run Freestone                           Finished - No Birds
16B Kendal Hills Sally                                 Finished - No Birds

17A Steel City Rudy                                    1 Grouse - Did not Finish
17B Grouse Ridge Lucky                               Finished - No Birds

18A Chasehill Molly                                     3 Grouse - 1 Divided
18B High Desert Dream                               2 Grouse - 1 Divided

19A Beach Hill Roxy                                    1 Grouse
19B Maddy –May Lady                                  Lost to Judgement

20A Chip’s Uncle Buzzy                                Lost to Judgement
20B JumpStart                                            Up by Handler @ 50

21A LakeCountry Raden                               1 Grouse
21B Bold Move                                            Finished - No Birds

Day 4

22A Chasehill Little Bud                             Up @ 45 - Porcupine
22B Mains Sunshine Hunter                         Finished - No Birds 

23A Starr’s Southern Idol                            1 Woodcock
23B My Cousin Vinny                                  1 Woocock - Last bird pointed in Trial 

24A Texas Honey Bee                                 Finished - No Birds
24B Mains One Dot                                     Finished - No Birds

25A Elhew Allegiant                                     Did not Finish
25B Chasehill Ben Franklin                            Did not Finish

26A Keystone Red Rider                                Did not Finish
26B Fire Away                                             Did not Finish

27A Curahee                                               Did not Finish
27B Thunderhill’s Zeus                                 Did not Finish

28A Lillyhill’s Secret Stash                            Finished - No Birds
28B Keystone Red Rage                               Lost to Judgement @ 40