The Purina Top Coverdog of the Year Award Award

and it's

Companion Derby Award

in honor of

William Harnden Foster

Awarded Annually to the Top Dog in Grouse and Woodcock Trials

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Product Exclusives:

         Fund raising for any award is a thankless and difficult task. When the venerable Mr. Fred Wills ran the W.H. Foster Award, he would solicit donations yearly. He was good at it. We decided, rather, to raise funds by offering some items for sale that are unique to our sport. As such, there are a limited number of people who might be interested in such items. We sincerely hope that anyone considering a purchase realizes that fancy, high budget productions for a relatively small audience, are neither practical or wise. The videos, for example, are not polished 'broadcast quality' studio productions, but the images of people and dogs that they contain, by and large, cannot be obtained anywhere else. We offer a full and honest description of each item. All proceeds, unless otherwise noted, go to the fund the W. H. Foster Award. 

 Price of the Video's is $25.00 + $4.00 for shipping and handling.


V-O2: Pennsylvania Grouse Championship 1993

     This videotape is being re-released for the W.H. Foster Award. It features many notable dogs from the past, as well as lot of familiar faces. It was Ryan's second attempt at videoing a grouse championship. Champions Van Mac, Stillmeadow's Jim, Ecker's Midnight Light, Crystal Light, Silk Doll, Cracker Jack Train, and Star's Misty Ghost appear in the running. Winner's of the 1993 Grand National and Grouse Futurity also profiled. Two retired champions Yukon Annie and Kingway make brief appearances at the end.

 V-03:  15th Grouse and Woodcock Invitational Championship

     A 3 day event featuring 16 of the best coverdogs from the 2004-2005 field trial season. Pointers and English Setters compete for the coveted title of Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Invitational Champion through the woods in the Arcadia Management Area, RI. An outdoor sporting event featuring dogs pointing woodcock.

     Due to weather conditions during the event, quality of filming may be lacking and portions of the event are missing, but the overall feel of the event is captured.

    Proceeds from this video will benefit the Purina Award given annually to the top Cover Trial Dog in honor of William Harnden Foster and the Isaac Holton Memorial Fund.