The Purina Top Coverdog of the Year Award Award

and it's

Companion Derby Award

in honor of

William Harnden Foster

Awarded Annually to the Top Dog in Grouse and Woodcock Trials

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  Past Purina Top Coverdog in honor of W. H. Foster Award Winners

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Long Gone Agnes   Seneca Autumn Reign   Chip's Super Chunk
1998 Winner
 Long Gone Agnes
1999 Winner
 Seneca Autumn Reign
2000 Winner
 Chip's Super Chunk
Blue Streak   Picture

  Pioneer Will
2001 Winner
 Blue Streak
2002 Winner
 Movelle's Gypsy
2003 Winner
 Pioneer Will
Cracklin Tail Speed   Sky Blue Belle   Hard Driving Bev
2004 Winner
 Cracklin Tail Speed
  2005 Winner
Sky's Blue Belle
  2006 Winner
 Hard Driving Bev
2007 Winner
  2008 Winner
  2009  Winner
2010  Winner
  2011  Winner
  2012  Winner