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Status of the 2008 Grand National Grouse and Woodcock


    I had the video done by the beginning of April but could not get the sound right.  After the Fall trial season ended, I had more time to devote to the project.  It should have taken 5 hours to do the audio but it ended up taken 30 to 40 hours and lots of frustration.  

  I sent the Master DVD to John Stolgitis before Christmas.  With help from Eric Locher,  the design of the case and DVD disc were laid out and assembled onto a CD. Eric also printed out a sample.  I established contact with the Duplication place and obtained an order form,  and with the layout CD and samples were all sent to Johnny on January 6th.

          When John receives the package, he will place the order and send the material to the duplicator.  The duplicator claims that he will ‘turn the project around’ in 2 to 3 business days.  So,  we are hoping to have DVD’s available well before the end of January. Like the last DVD,  there will be a disc with a photo and print burned on it. There will be a standard DVD case with flyer photo and some print front and back. Then each case and DVD disc will stretch-wrap sealed.

We keep you updated on the status.

  Here is what the back of the case will read:

This DVD has coverage of every brace of the 2008 Grand National Grouse & Woodcock Invitational Championship which took place in mid-March, 2008 at the Arcadia Refuge near Exeter, Rhode Island  From a rainy first day through the cold windy finals, eight English setters and six pointers competed two at a time for an hour on multiple courses for two days and then four finalists squared off again on the third day. All of the bird work was on wild birds,  and all on woodcock except for one grouse (which was not captured on video).

   The DVD is 1hour and 32 minutes long.  Like the other cover dog  trial DVDs,  this one is not a studio quality professional production. There was the only camera-person and he could not cover both dogs if they were widely separated. With the exception of two braces,  the trial was videoed with a mini DV camera,  and edited the old fashioned way in an outdated analog studio.  Several preview copies,  however,  drew high praise.

    Proceeds from the sale of this video benefit the William Harnden Foster top cover dog and top derby awards,  and the Izaak Holtan Memorial Scholarship fund.  The W.H. Foster Award is sponsored by Nestle-Purina.

Front:  Vance Butler & Quail Trap Tom. 
 Mike Flewelling & Sunkhaze Fast Break.
Rear:  Dave Hawk, Tom Fruchey,   Bruce Minard,
 Ray Gorman,  John Stolgitis.